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DJ with 60s music and a fab mobile disco in London, Essex, Berkshire, Bucks and Herts playing the top pop and hits from the 60s will make it a smash hit party night to remember. Poptastic tunes and retro hits from the Beatles and the Rolling Stones to the Kinks and the Small faces. Although there was Rock n Roll before the 60s most popular music could be best described as easy listening. The 6os changed all that and became the the decade that revolutionized the pop charts. Music was more about dancing and having a great time. Upbeat party tunes set the tempo on the dance floor and some of the old traditions of formal dances went out the window.

We have the hits and although we don't claim to be old enough to play 60s tracks as new releases we did give many these classic tracks a spin on the turntables at parties in the late 70s. Like all pop music when its in the charts for the first time everyone wants to hear it, then people get bored with it and prefer something new. But after a few years some of the old favourite's not heard for a while, once again seem brand new. We have the real time party experience to know which tracks have stood the test of time and create the positive dance floor vibe. With many years worth of chart entry's and number ones to choose from picking the best from the rest is what makes it a great party.

60s DJ Hire

Music is the main thing and we love requests. Before the event we suggest you let us know about your favourite must play tracks. With thousands of tracks to choose from and only so much time its important to make sure each tune is a dance floor winner and not a party killer.

60s theme parties are great fun and on the night requests are welcome but we can adapt to the music mix for the audience and the occasion. So if you prefer more of a mix we add in the disco hits from the 70s or 80s music or make the selection up to date. Its your party so we want to do it your way.

No two parties are ever the same but a DJ from the 60s with the hot hits and groovy pop tracks of the sixties makes it a proper pop disco . We are local London 60s music DJ and provide mobile discos in Essex, Herts, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire. We are not stuck in a time warp but can mix the classic tracks from the 60s with the best of the rest. Contact the pro mobile disco professionals and make it a party to remember.

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